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  • Apr 21, 1275

    Moros y Cristianos

    Moros y Cristianos
    This extremely important festival to many Spanish is located mainly in Alcoy, Spain. This is a festival were the people celebrate St. Georges Christians defeat over the Moorish forces. The people imitate the fight in the streets, shoot off fireworks, proudly show off their coustumes, and much more. The festival is four days long, and everybody is extremely sad on the last day.
  • La Feria de Abril

    La Feria de Abril
    The Seville Fair as it is also known is a fair that lasts sixs days. The fair starts at midnight on Monday and lasts till Saturday night. The fair consits of bullfights of the best matadors, nicely dressed women are pulled around the city in horse-drawn carridges, dances, and much more.
  • Castellers De Vilafranca

    Castellers De Vilafranca
    Castellers De Vilafranca is an old tradition where men build human towers sometimes as high as 10 people tall. The human tower building occurs throughout all of the summer in Catalonia and other smaller places like the Balearic Island. Most of these human towers are built in a week long festival in Catalonia.