TLandHS spain holidays

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  • Castellers de Villafranca

    Castellers de Villafranca
    This spain holiday doesnt really have a date. September 14, 1948 was the first time they did it. On these days people in spain make a "human tower" sometimes this tower ends up collapsing meaning everyone falls.
  • Moros y Cristianos

    Moros y Cristianos
    Moros y Cristianos is between the 22 and 24 of April. This holiday acts out spanish history by demonstrating the battle between the Arabs and the Christians that happened centuries of years ago.
  • La fería de abril

    La fería de abril
    La fería de abril starts may 3 and goes til may 8. This usually begins 2 weeks after holy week (Semana Santa). And it starts on May 3rd and ends on May 8th. Every spring, the city of Sevilla throws a week-long party known as La Feria de Sevilla in which over a million people attend. La feria originally started as a cattle trading fair in 1847 and evolved throughout the years into an amazing round-the-clock spectacle of all that is Spanish.