Ck Spain holidays

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  • Apr 22, 1275

    Moros y Cristianos

    This is a holiday where spanish people act out the battles between the Arabs and the Christions that had taken place in the region centaries ago. The Battle of Alcon in 1275 had St. George help defeat the moorish. So every April The saint gives victory to the Christian hosts as Alcon in the re-enactments. Many people from around spain come and help out with the renactments of the battles. This celebration occurs between the 22 and 24 of April.
  • La feria de abril

    Every spring there is a week long party going on in the town of Seville. Millions of people from all around the country show up. This tradition began as a cattle trading fair in 1847 but has changed over the years into more of a big fun rodeo. There is also lots of dancing and music celebration. At the end of the week, at midnight, fireworks shoot into the sky. This is a very popular event and lots of people truly enjoy this.
  • Castellers de Viliafranca

    Castellers de Viliafranca is a group that started in Septermber of 1984 and is celebrated in the summer time. This holiday was started by Oriol Rossell who became the first leader of this. This is a sprting and cultural gathering to have castells (human towers) built out of human beings.This celebration is located in downtown Vilafranca del Penedes in Spain. They practice in a special building disigned for them. The building has very high cileings.