MS Spain Holidays

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  • Apr 21, 1275

    Moros y Cristianos

    This is a holiday celebrated all over Spain. But if you want one of the best examples then you should go to Alcoy, Alicante. It celebrates when the Moorish army and the Christian army went head-to-head in battle, with Saint George himself helping the Christians. It takes place April 21 through April 24 and takes a year to prepare for it. The holiday is celebrated by sending armies into battle, not paying much attention to how accuratly historic it is.
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    Apr 21, 1275
    Apr 24, 1275

    Moros y Cristianos cont.

  • Apr 22, 1275

    Moros y Cristianos cont.

    This even is celelbrated because of it's history. Every year, normal people prepare for the entire year for those few days. They celebrate it in honor of the battle, which some think was make-believe. It all starts in the streets, with armies marching to bands. Then, Alcoy sends the army off to battle, with hundreds of blanks fired. This, of course, creates a large ammount of noise.
  • Castellers de Vilafranca

    Though the exact date is not known, people were climbing on other people long before the Castellers do Vilafranca were founded. One of the first known times was at a Valencian ball in the 17th century.
  • La Fería de Abril

    They celebrate it because since its start in 1847, just one year later actually, it began to take on a very festive air as that time of year came around. The people of Selville celebrate it because it has been a tradition.
  • La Fería de Abril

    Since its start as a livestock fair in 1847, the Fería de Abril has taken a major step up. Now it is a highly celebrated fair in the city of Selville, Spain. It traditionally occurs two weeks after Semana Santa, otherwise know as Easter Holy Week. Every day during the holiday, the day begins with a parade, containing Selville's head citizens. Then it is to the bull fighting ring for a day of activities.
  • Castellers de Vilafranca

    The Castellers de Vilafranca was founded in September 1948. It is a tradition among Catalans that started at the Ball de Valencia in the 18th century. It is not exactly a holiday as they don't celebrate any one person or event, but rather it is a gathering of people who enjoy stacking people on top of other people. The holiday is celebrated by building human towers. Since it was founded, it has turned into a competition-winning organization.