CK Spain holidays

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  • Apr 21, 1275

    Moros Y Critianos

    More than 150 of these festivals take place in Spain every year. It is a festival when a total of 28 armies battle. The people of Spain take all year long preparing for the festival. They even prepare costumes. Armies march around town for the whole day with their own bands. Chirstians are defeted after St. George appears. Then they suround the Moors and defeat them.
  • La feria de abril

    This event begins at midnight on Monday and runs for 6 days. it begins with a parade of carriadges, carrying Seville's leading citizens. It started out as a cattle fair. The men and women dress up in their finery. Short jackets, tight trousaus, and boots for the men. The women wear a flamenco style dress.
  • Castellers de Vilafranca

    Castellers de Vilafrance is an even that was founded in September of 1948. It is an event that takes place in downtown Vilafranca del Penedis in Spain. The main is to stack as many people as possible on top of each other in a tower. Rules include getting the tower up and down safetly, and as quickly as possible. They celebrate this purely for intertainment. The Catalans build the tower.