UW Spain Holidays

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  • Dec 14, 1275

    Moros Y Cristianos

    Moros Y Cristianos
    Who: Christians, with other war reanactors and family, Because they won the battle and they celebrate it in front of an audience
    What: Reanact a battle, it is celebrated by the reanactments
    When: Between the 22 and 24 of April; started in 1275
    Where: it takes place in spain towns and cities
    Why: they celebrate it to show the history of when spain had to fight against the Arabs and the Cristans
  • Seville Fair

    Seville Fair
    Who: the people of seville,spain; family members and friends; the leaders of seville
    What: bullfights, parades, and rides
    When: happens two weeks after semana santa; april 1847
    Where: Seville, Spain
    Why: to celebrate the organized festivle made by jose marria yabarra, narciso bonaplata, and queen isabel ii
  • Castellers de Villafranca

    Castellers de Villafranca
    who: tourist and spaniards: celebrated with family and friends: go for entertainment
    what: they make human towers
    how: people go see them make towars
    when: started in 1958; happens in september
    where: happens in Villafranca, Spain
    why: It was founded by Oriol Rosell