Gavin Huemoellers and chris garzas spain project

Timeline created by robbyfellers
  • Apr 21, 1275

    Moros y Cristianos

    Festival meant in rememberance for the the battle of Alcoy in 1275. The holiday is mainly celebrated by Christians and Moors, often being commemerated with flamboyant gunpowder performances. It is celebrated in most of Spain, but mostly in and around Valencia.
  • La Feria de Abril (Seville Fair)

    Also known as the Seville Fair, La Feria de Abril was originally meant to be a livestock festival. Now it has left that one focus and has become a great spectacle for everybody to see. The fair occurs two weeks before Easter Sunday. It is celebrated in Seville, Spain
  • Castellers De Vilafranca

    Established in 1948, The group of Castellers of Vilafranca now contains over 400 human 'buliding blocks'. They perform annually. The group is located in Cal Figarot.