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  • Its all about me ;]

    Its all about me ;]
    This timeline is all about me =D
  • Winki was Born!

    Winki was Born!
    On May 27th, 1997 in the Richmond, BC hospital, Winki was Born!
  • Go back

    Go back
    When I was one years old I went back to China for 1 1/2year
  • Came Back

    Came Back
    Came back from China
  • First Anime

    First Anime
    Watched first anime, which was Pokemon!
  • Family

    lived with family in a house.
  • Hong Kong and guang dong

    Hong Kong and guang dong
    Every year summer/winter I would go back to China at least once up until 2003 I stopped
  • Violin

    Started to learn Violin lessons, after a long period of time learning I finally reached level.10 violin, stilling try to take exam though
  • Dad left to China to work

    Dad left to China to work
    Mom and I moved out after my dad went back to China for work because my mom couldn't stand living with my aunt.....
  • School

    Attend to Preschool
  • Best friends <3

    meet my best friends from my mom's friends ^^
  • Gr.1

    First grade and had transefer schools twice this year, Finally was able to settle in apartment.
  • moved

    dad came back from china and we moved to surrey due to moms work.
  • School

    Had transfer to William.F.Davidson Elementary school.
  • Meet new friends

    Meet new friends
    Had meet my best friend Sophie Zhou and Jacob Victor ^^
  • Anime!

    Got really obssesed with anime/manga!!! and still am XD
  • New York!!

    New York!!
    I got to go to N.Y in my gr.5 summer. I didn't go with my parents but I went wih my friends my parents close friends. It was ok fun since they were sort of not ready/didn't know how to plan stuff..
  • Little sister

    Little sister
    My little sister was born on Dec.4, 2008
  • Grade.7

    Graduated William.F.Davidson and has transfered to Johnston Heights Secondary, begining high school life.
    Had a lot of Goodbyes but happy to be in High school.
  • Los angeles and San fransico!!

    Los angeles and San fransico!!
    In the summer of 2010 I went to to San fransico and L.A. We were supposeingly going to Disneyland but stopped by other places on the way. I really loved San fransico the best it was really fun. Los angeles was ok I didn't really like Disneyland. Maybe I was to old for it... Universal studios gave me nightmares =^= I went into the House of Horrors when my friends warned not to; I told them I was still in Canada.
  • High School

    High School
    Started high school, different but got used to it after a while. Meet new friends joined Art and Japanese club.
  • Tokyo!!!

    Very last minute but I went to Tokyo a week before school started. I was suppose go to Las Vegas with my parents, but then my parents said we had not money to go. My mom joked to my aunt in Japan I was depressed because I didn't go anywhere special this summer. My told my "Why don't I send some money then she can go to Las Vegas". My mom said "if you did that why don't I send her to your place in Tokyo!" My aunt took her seriously and said "Yeah! that's a great idea, send her over".
  • Sick in Japan

    Sick in Japan
    I was sick after going to Tokyo.. during my trip half way through my intestine apparently didn't move causing me not to able to digest anything.. My aunt took me to the doctor and I didn't get to go anywhere for the rest of my trip =[ only good thing was I visit most of the places I wanted to already but then I didn't get to go to Akihabara to buy the stuff I wanted =[
  • came back

    came back
    I came back from Tokyo really weak, didn't really that much for 3days and I had jet lag. I was so out of energy I could barely stand and walk...
  • School

    School started and I had sort of gotten better so I went to school and started my Gr.9 year.
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