Abraham Lincoln

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  • Birth

    Hodgenville, Kentucky
  • Lincoln family moved to Indiana

    Abraham Lincoln was 7 years old when they moved
  • Nancy Lincoln died

    Abraham Lincoln's mother passed away when he was 9
  • Lincoln family moved to Illinois

    Abraham Lincoln helped his family move when he was 21.
  • Abraham Lincoln runs for office

    He runs for the Illinois state legislature and loses.
  • Abraham Lincoln runs for office again

    He runs again and gets elected, and is reelected 3 times after.
  • Lincoln becomes a lawyer

  • Abraham Lincoln marries Mary Todd

    He marries her at 33, and they have 4 sons.
  • Lincoln runs for Senate

    He loses, but is now well known for his speeches and beliefs.
  • Lincoln runs for President, and wins

  • South Carolina leaves the Union first

    The Southern states are scared Lincoln will abolish slavery.
  • Period: to

    The American Civil War

    This war is between the Confederates and the Union. Lots of lives are lost, but the Union wins.
  • Abraham Lincoln shot

    John Wilkes Booth shoots him in a theater.
  • Death

    Peterson House, Washington D.C.