Absolute Monarchs

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  • Jan 1, 1533

    Reign of Ivan the Terrible

    Ivan the Terrible came to power in 1533. He was only 3 years old. Ivan turned against the Boyars in 1560 after accusing them of poisoning his wife.
  • Jan 1, 1572

    St. Bartholomew's day massacre

    The massacre occurred when many Huguenot nobles were in Paris. They were attending the marriage of Catherines daughter to a Huguenot prince. This massacre sparked a six week nationwide slaughter of Huguenots.
  • Jan 1, 1580

    Reign of Phillip II

    The king of Portugal dies without an heir. Phillip then takes the throne of Portugal. He was the most powerful ruler in Europe, the hardest working.
  • King Henry of Navarre

    Henry inherits the throne after Catherine and her last son died. He was decisive, fearless in battle , and a clever politician.
  • Edict of Nantes

    The Edict of Nantes was signed in 1598. It said that the Huguenots could live in peace in France and set up their own houses of worship in some cities.
  • Reign of James I

    King James I already king of Scotland takes power of England in 1603. He inherited the unsettled issues of Elizabeths reign. He died in 1625.
  • Reign of Loius XIII

    After Henry's death his son Loius XIII became king. He was a weak king untill he appointed Cardinal Richelieu minister in 1624.
  • Cardinal Richelieu

    In 1624 Loius appointed Cardinal Richelieu minister. He became the ruler of france.
  • Reign of Charles I

    After the death of King James I his son Charles I took the throne. When parliament refused to give him funds, he dissolved it. He called them again in 1628.
  • English Civil War

    Supporters and opponents of King Charles fought from 1642-1649. Those who remained loyal to Charles were called Royalists or cavaliers.
  • Reign of Loius XIV

    Louis XIV becomes king in 1643. He became king when he was only a five year old boy.
  • Reign of Oliver Cromwell

    In 1644 the puritans found a general who could win Oliver Cromwell. In 1646 Cromwells new model army defeated the cavaliers.
  • Restoration of English Crown

    In 1660 When prince Charles entered London crowds shouted joyfully and bells rang. He restored the monarchy so they call his rule the Restoration.
  • Louis XIV full control

    When Cardinal Mazarin dies in 1661 the 23 year old Louis took control of the government himself. He assigned intendants to collect taxes and administer justice.
  • War of Spanish succession

    In 1700 France and Spain join forces. Many countries join together to defeat them.
  • Glorious Revolution

    When William led his army to London James fled to France. The overthrow of King James II is called the Glorious Revolution.
  • English Bill of Rights.

    Bill of Rights:
    1. No suspending of Parliaments laws
    2. No levying of taxes without a specific grant from Parliament
    3. No interfering with freedom of speech in Parliament
    4. No penalty for a citizen who petitions the king about grievances
  • Reign of Peter the Great

    Peter the Great took the throne in 1696. His name is from being one of Russia's greatest reformers. He continued the trend of increasing the czar's power.
  • Reign of Frederick the Great

    In 1712 Frederick takes the throne. He differed greatly from Maria. He was an aggressor in foreign affairs.
  • Reign of Maria Theresa

    Maria takes power in 1717. She gave birth to 16 children. She decreased the power of the nobility. She was very religious.
  • The thirty years war

    Religions started to feel threatened by Calvinism. The Lutherans joined the Protestant Union in 1608. In 1618 the war begins.