African Americans in Sports

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    The Galvelston Giant

    Jack Johnson became the first African American Heavywieght boxer. He did this at a time Jim Crowe laws were the absolute pinnacle of existance in the United States. He used his status to rebel against the past culture and acceptances.
  • Rose Bowl Play

    Rose Bowl Play
    Fredrick Fritz Pollard became was a frshman at Brown University. He became the first African Ameican to play in the Rose Bowl. he was known for his quick and elusive style. He carried his team to a victory
  • The Swift Bullet

    The Swift Bullet
    Jesse Owens was an elite sprinter and track runner. In 1936 he won 4 medals total. At that present time he tied the world record in the 100m rercording a 9.4. He accomplished all these goals among Hitler in Germany.
  • Touchdoooooooooooown

    Kenny Washinton was the first African American to be intergrated in the NFL. He was a strong individual who often ingnore racial slurs. He rushed for an all-toime high at UCLA totalling all purpose yard of 1914
  • Barrier Breaker

    Barrier Breaker
    [Jackie is the man](htt Robison was an amazing baseball player, and one of the most repected people in the baseball era. He broke the color barrier in Major Leaugue baseball. His role was extremely influential in intergrated African Americans in a traditionally white sport
  • House Of Payne

    House Of Payne
    Don. was the first African American win a US Gold medal on the basketball team. he was also the first to be named consensus All-American at UCLA. He was a poineer for other Black Ball Players such as Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlin
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    Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Bee

    The FloaterOne of the most contrersial athletes of all-time. He used is prolofic status to rebell against and injust sytem. He changed his name to a Muslim name to assert his belief in Musslim. Hate him or love him, he stood for what he believed even when his carrer was on the line.
  • MVP

    Doug Williams became the first African American to win a superbowl. He also was the games MVP. He Helped his Washington Redskins to win a superbowl 42-10.
  • The Swimer

    The Swimer
    He was the First African American to win a Gold medal in the Olympics for swimming 50m freestyle. In Sydney, Australia he won in fron of the world