Age of Exploration (Sito Umanah)

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  • 1420

    Portuguese ships travel to Africa

    Portuguese ships begin traveling southward along the western coast of Africa
  • 1488

    Bartholomeu Dias

    Bartholomeu Dias
    Rounded the Cape of Good Hope which was the southern tip of Africa
  • Aug 2, 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    Originally looking for Asia, he stumbled onto the Caribbean islands, where he decided to change his course and look for the "The New World" where multiple Indigenous populations were already civilized
  • 1498

    Vasco de Gama

    Arrived to the port of California and collected cargo of spices while he was there
  • 1500

    Pedro Cabral

    Pedro Cabral
    Arrives in South America and was a Portuguese sea captain
  • 1502

    Da Gama forces a treaty and sets up a trading post

    Da Gama forces a treaty and sets up a trading post
    After his accomplishments in India, in 1502 he forced a treaty of cooperation with the ruler of Calicut to be able to set up trade
  • 1509

    Turkish and Indian vs Portuguese

    Turkish and Indian ships were defeated by the fleet of Portuguese warships by the coast of India
  • Aug 24, 1511

    Portugal seizes Malacca

    After da Gama was able to set up the trading post, Portuguese were soon taking key ports in the Indian Ocean. In 1511, they took Malacca which helped them trade with Asian leaders
  • 1518

    Slaves Origin

    Innocent Africans were taken from their home as they were brought to the Americas to be slaves
  • 1519

    Hernan Cortes arrives in Mexico

    Hernan Cortes arrives in Mexico
    Conquistador Hernan Cortes arrives in Mexico with a hundreds of men, a few hundreds, and a couple of cannons. Him and his men capture and overthrow the capital of Tenochititlan in 1521. This inspired other conquistadors to colonize the Americas.
  • Jan 17, 1524

    Giovanni Verrazano

    Giovanni Verrazano
    Explored the northeast coast of North America from North Carolina to Maine while looking for the Northwest passage to Asia
  • Jan 1, 1540

    Fransisco Coronado

    Fransisco Coronado
    the first European to explore North America's Sputhwest
  • 1550

    The Spanish and Mexico

    The Spanish took control of the north of Mexico. Then Francisco Pizarro led forth an expedition and took control of the Incan Empire
  • English merchants discovered the East india Company

    Hoping to expose trade in Asia and India, some english merchants from the East India Company by royal charter. With this, the English broke Spanish and Portuguese monopoly of the East Indian spice trade. The company later becomes involved in politics f British imperialism
  • Dutch merchants found the Dutch East India company

    In the late 1500s, the Dutch set up colonies and trading around the world. A group of rich merchants found the company which proceeded their mission to be the major commercial power in the East. The company soon brought major problem.
  • Henry Hudson

    Henry Hudson
    Was hired by the Dutch East India Company to find a trade route from the Americas to India. He wasn't successful but he discovered Hudson River, Hudson Bay, and Hudson Strait which were named after him
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    The English found the Massachusetts Bay Colony which only had four thousand people living there but it soon grew to fourty-thousand
  • Dutch and Indian Ocean

    The Dutch took over Portuguese forts in the Indian Ocean. Thy took these forts which were placed along the trade route of the ocean
  • The English

    The English built a colonial empire in North America after the Massachusetts Bay Colony started to grow
  • Christopher Columbus and a letter

    Columbus sent a letter back to the royals of Spain about his adventures