Akhil Sukhavasi Road to Religious Freedom

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  • Religious Requirements for Voting

    There were 2 requirements before voting. First, you had to be a man who owned land. Second, you must be part/member of the church. If these 2 requirements weren't met you would not be able to vote.
  • The Pilgrims

    The pilgrims came for religious freedom. They had settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They had made peace with the Indians and had thanksgiving.
  • The Puritans

    They also came for religious freedom, but unlike the pilgrims, they were not tolerant. They had colonized in Massachusets Bay Colony.
  • Maryland: The Catholic Experiment

    They had colonized in Maryland. Unlike the puritans they were tolerant. Mainly because of persecution in their past country because of what they belived.
  • Dissent in Massachusetts Bay.

    In Massachusetts Bay, they defended their DOGMA with fury.
    Anne Hutchinson was a woman who had her own beliefs and had been banished because she had asked a question to the church.
  • More Dissent in Massachusetts Bay

    Another man by the name of Roger Williams was banished because he believed that church and state should be separated, so the state will not get power over religion.
  • Quakers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

    Quakers are people who believe that all people are equal and important person in the Quakers was William Penn
  • The First Great Awakening

    It was when more people started believing and gained an interest in religion. This time period was 1730-1770
  • Virginia Statutes for Religious Freedom

    The Virginia Bill of Rights had stated that church and government were to be separated. It also stated that you could exercise your free will of religion.