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  • Bombing at Gold Mohur Hotel

    Al-Qaida bomb at the Gold Mohur hotel where U.S. troops had been staying the night
  • Attempted assassination of Abdullah

    Al-Qaida attempts to assassinate then Jordanian Crown Prince Abdullah
  • World Trade Centre

    A van full of explosives was parked in the parking garage below the World Trading Centre, The explosion killed 6 people and injured over 1,000 people
  • Bombing on 11 jumbo jets

    Detonated bombs were placed on 11 jumbo jets, ready to go off when they were over the Pacific and killed 4,000 people
  • U.S. Embassy Bombings

    Al-Qaida organizes the bombings of U.S. Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam and Tanzania. In total it killed more than 200 people and injuring over 5,000 people
  • Bali Bombings

    One of the worst terrorist attacks in Indonesia, killing 202 people and injuring 240 people
  • Madrid Train Bombings

    Al-Qaeda operatives were accused of the bombings the Madrid commuter train system when it was bombed in March 2004
  • London transport bombings

    Three bombs were placed on the London underground train system and one on a double Decker bus. It killed 56 people and injured 700 people
  • Amman hotel bombing

    Suicide bombers were sent into a wedding crowd killing 60 people and injuring over a 100 more
  • Baghdad market bombing

    A large truck carrying a bomb went off in the middle of the market killing over 135 people and injuring 339 others
  • Danish Embassy Bombing

    A bomb placed in a car went off and killing 6 people and injuring several
  • Khost CIA bombing

    Al-Qaida used a double agent killed 7 CIA officers with an explosive belt and injuring 6 others
  • Little Rock recruiting office shooting

    A terrorist opened fire upon a U.S. Military recruiting office killing one U.S. soldier and injuring another.
  • Baghdad bombings

    Three car bombs detonated, and several mortar strikes were released in Baghdad