Alejandro Giammattei

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  • Birth

    Alejandro Eduardo Giammattei Falla was born in the City of Guatemala, Guatemala.
  • Studies

    He studied in a private school in the city of Guatemala named "Liceo Guatemala" during primary and secondary, then of studied the diversified he studied medicine in the university "San carlos de Guatemala"
  • Work

    He is Doctor, Fire fighter, Politic.
  • Period: to


    He was a consultant for the Panamerican health organization, also he was part of the municipal Fire department of Guatemala and also was director of the organization of Urban Public Transport of the municipality of Guatemala, after that, he was awarded the position of general manager of the municipal water company.
  • Political Career

    Political Career
    He began his poitical life participating in electoral activities in the years of 1985-1990 as general coordinator of the electoral process.
    He participated in the municipal elections of Guatemala city in 1999 as the mayoral candidate of Guatemala Cit but he did not win.
    He once again participated as metropoitan mayor in the elections of 2003, this time the former president of Guatemala but Alvaro Arzú was the winner.
  • Presidential Candidate

    Presidential Candidate
    He participated for the first time in the presidential elections with the GANA party in 2007 year
    in 2011 He announced his candidacy for the presidency in september with the CASA party.
    He ran as a presidential candidate in the 2015 with FUERZA party. But in any candidate won.
  • Period: to


    He ran as a candidate for many year until 2019, he participate by four times.
  • Presidential candidacy 2019

    Presidential candidacy 2019
    He competes for the presidency of Guatemala for the fourth time with the VAMOS party, this time with the second and first place in the plls for the elections of that year.
  • Presidency

    In 2019 he won the candidacy of the presidency and in January 2020 he took office as president of the country.
    Now he is president of the preiod 2020-2024