Alexandria Trujillo, Fractal Art

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  • Julia Fractals

    Julia Fractals
    Gaston Maurice Julia one of the two main inventors of iteration theory and the modern theory of fractals.
  • The Start of Fractal Art

    The Start of Fractal Art
    The history of fractals started in 1975, when Fractals were discovered by Benoît Mandelbrot. He said to think of Fractals as it being geometric shapes that when divided into parts, each part would be a smaller view of the whole shape. He came up with the term "Fractal" as the new scientific term for this mathematical expression. The word is actually from the Latin word fractus. The latin word fractus means "broken" or "fractured".
  • What Exactly Is Fractal Art

    What Exactly Is Fractal Art
    Fractal art is a form of digital art created by calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as still images, animations, and media. Fractal art was developed from the mid-1980s. It falls in the category of computer art and digital art.
  • The Evolution of Fractal Art

    The Evolution of Fractal Art
    Author John Briggs made a book featuring the first observation that Jackson Pollock’s poured paintings have the appearance of fractal patterns.
  • Promoting Fractal painting

    Promoting Fractal painting
    Physicist Richard Taylor built a chaotic pendulum called the “Pollockizer” to promote fractal paintings using the pouring technique.
  • First Fractal art work

    First Fractal art work
    Richard Voss conducted the first fractal analysis of an artwork. He used the analysis to compare between illustrative paintings by different Chinese artists.