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  • Nintendo 64: My first gaming system

    Nintendo 64: My first gaming system
    One of my earliest childhood memories include blowing into Donkey Kong or Mortal Kombat in order to get our Nintendo 64 to function properly. Image from Amazon
  • Our Family Computer

    Our Family Computer
    I was in the third grade and my parents brought home a computer. I didn't understand the appeal at the time and did not know it could function outside of a word processor because my parents only seemed to use it to type but this computer. I would later grow to love this piece of technology. Image Source: Stock Photo
  • The Sims 2

    The Sims 2
    I didnt get the Sims 1, but I was ready for the Sims 2. Even though it was rated T for Teen my parents still let me get the game. The next day I faked being sick so I could play it all day and went on to do the same for subsequent Sims releases. Image Credit: Wikipedia
  • My First Cell Phone

    My First Cell Phone
    My parents were convinced I needed to wait until I was driving before I got a cell phone because that was how long they made my older wait. The four year age gap between us did not compete with the pace of technology at the time and I felt like the last person in the 8th grade, or on earth, to get a prepaid cell phone. I had to buy my minutes to talk and text with babysitting money. My grandma was the one who first gifted the phone. Image Source: Pinterest
  • Ipod Shuffle

    Ipod Shuffle
    MP3s were really popular to have on the school bus and my uncle got me an Ipod shuffle for my birthday in the 8th grade. The best part about this gift is that it came with 25 pre-picked song downloads that expanded my taste in music. I still have the original playlist in my library that changed my life in middle school. Image Source: Ebay