American History 1600-1700

Timeline created by Caleb Housley
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  • Jamestown Built

    Jamestown Built
    Englishmen boarded the boats "the Susan Constant, the Godspeed," and "the discovery." They traveled up the James River and built Jamestown, the first permanent English colony in the United States.
  • House of Burgesses Established

    House of Burgesses Established
    The Virginia Company created the House of Burgesses. The House of Burgesses was primarily made up of white land owners.
  • The Beginning of Southern Slavery

    The Beginning of Southern Slavery
    Dutch slave ships brought twenty African slaves to Virginia colonists.
  • Pilgrims Sail to Plymouth

    Pilgrims Sail to Plymouth
    One-hundred Pilgrims, men and women, set sail on the Mayflower and arrived at Plymouth.
  • Puritans Founded Massachusetts Bay

    Puritans Founded Massachusetts Bay
    John Winthrop, along with other Puritans, traveled north of Plymouth to find and colonize Massachusetts Bay. John Winthrop became the governor.
  • Maryland Founded

    Maryland Founded
    George Calvert was a Catholic man given a charter from King Charles I to establish a colony north of Virginia. After he died, Calver's sons established and assumed control of Maryland.
  • Rhode Island Founded

    Rhode Island Founded
    Roger Williams was a Puritan minister that believed he was more pure than the rest of the Puritans. For this he was banished from Massachusetts Bay. In his banishment, he bought land from Indians, from which Rhode Island was born.
  • Connecticut Founded

    Connecticut Founded
    Thomas Hooker disagreed with the leaders in Massachusetts Bay. He left with his family and about one-hundred others to establish Connecticut. In 1636, Hartford was established and in 1639, Connecticut became a colony.
  • Founding of the Carolinas

    Founding of the Carolinas
    Carolina was granted to eight proprietors. The first charter of government, written by John Locke, was largely ignored by the people already living in Carolina.
  • New York and New Jersey Founded

    New York and New Jersey Founded
    New York, originally New Netherlands, was handed over from the Dutch to the Duke of York. The Duke of York gave some of the land to two of his friends, which temporarily created East and West Jersey.
  • Pennsylvania Founded

    Pennsylvania Founded
    Charles II gave William Penn, a Quaker, a charter to form a large colony south of New York. It would be called Pennsylvania.