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  • Battle 1st Bull Run

    Battle 1st Bull Run
    This was the first actual battle. This battle had an audience which was people from D.C. This battle was won by the Confederates.
  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    Major Robert Anderson and his men refused to leave. Lincoln sends a ship and the soldiers started fielding. Eventually they surrender and no one died. Even though this wasn’t a battle it was still considered the beginning of the war.
  • The Battle of the Ironclads

    The Battle of the Ironclads
    A battle between the 2 north and south ships. The north ship was the monitor and the south ship was the marrimac. This made all the other ships obscure and everyone wanted medal ships. It was a Draw.
  • Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

    Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln was watching a play at the Fords Theater. John Wilkes Booth shot him in the back of his head. The following day Abraham Lincoln died
  • Andrew Johnson Impeachment

    Andrew Johnson Impeachment
    Johnson replaced generals in the field who were
    more sympathetic to radical reconstruction. They impeached him before even drawing up the charges with a vote of 126 to 47. He had to go to senate for his trial so he still got to finish his term.
  • Compromise of 1877

    Compromise of 1877
    The election of 1876 was basically a 50/50 vote and so they decided to have a compromise. This compromise was that the republicans would get their president of the democrats got to end Reconstruction. This was good for both sides but bad for the blacks