Animal Farm

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  • Hint of revolution

    Hint of revolution
    a pacific insurrection of the russian people on laboral aspects lead to a civil massacre, as well as an economic failure.
  • First world war starts

    First world war starts
    the frequent fails of the russian army by its poor preparation and equipment made the bolsheviks and mensheviks call be more heard and followed, so the tzar would be kicked out
  • Russian revolution

    Russian revolution
  • Animal farm is published

    Animal farm is published
  • Communist manifesto

    Communist manifesto
    Marx and Engels called the working class to rise up and overthrow its oppressors.
    - base for the first communist country.
  • Joseph Stalin died

    Joseph Stalin died
  • Animated adaptation

    Animated adaptation
    secretly paid and backed by the CIA when published.
  • Fall of the soviet union

    Fall of the soviet union
    the criticism of totalitarianism and the danger of centrated power made by Orwell got some societies to realize these problems.