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  • After the hate because of their religious beliefs

    In the 1700s there had been places built called ghettos which was a place with really high walls built specifically for the Jews. After this controversy in the 1800s, the walls were finally being torn down, the Jews were being hated on based on their race. Even a scientific study to see if Jewish children was different form Aryans, the results came back and the two were not different. Even though this was the results, this did not change peoples minds about there being superior races.
  • The 1920s and the 1930s

    In the 1900s, racism had become an easy way for people to blame Jews for complex problems and different catastrophes that happened. This would also make racism become a more common and "okay" thing.
  • Adolf Hitlers Genocide (before the holocaust)

    From 1933-1945 Adolf Hitler and his followers targeted Jews only in their murderous intentions. They had killed off about 1/3 of the complete Jewish people just because they were Jewish.
  • The 1930s and the 1940s

    In 1933 Adolf Hitler had become the ruler over Germany and he started to make laws and regulations that purposely attacked Jews. After he got everything in control as he saw it, he began to look at his neighboring countries by 1940. He had begun to take over them and do the same thing with them as he did in Germany.
  • Death Camps

    In 1943, most of the Jews in the countries that Hitler had conquered were either already dead, or were on the way to death camps.
  • Hunagrian Jews

    In 1943, Hungary was an Ally with Germany, so the Jews had not been attacked or killed. The Hungarian did have laws that attacked the Jews, but they were not being killed. This was until Hitler had demanded that the Hungarians started to kill the jews. They refused to so Hitler took over the government and soon the Nazis were taking thousands of Jews from Hungary to German death camps.
  • Holocaust

    Germany had made concentration camps that killed Jews one by one.