Apple Earphones Over the Years

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  • First Earphones Release Date

    First Earphones Release Date
  • In- Ear Headphones Release Dates

    In- Ear Headphones Release Dates
  • Earpods Release Date

    Earpods Release Date
  • First Airpods Release Date

    First Airpods Release Date
  • Airpods 2.0 Arrive

    Airpods 2.0 Arrive
    Nearly three years after the original Air Pods hit the market, Apple released the next version of the most popular wireless earbuds in history. Adding a new wireless H1 chip for increased battery life and increases the signal strength, Apple kicked their game up.Wireless charging was also added to the Air Pods 2 charging case, allowing owners to easily charge their Air Pods without plugging them in. With the hands free Siri support, the second generation became a huge competitor in the markets
  • Airpods 2.0 Release Date

    Airpods 2.0 Release Date
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    The Birth of the Earbud

    In 2001, Apple introduces the iPod, with stark white headphones. This headgear sounds great and sets a new standard for commuter fashion. They were the first headphones, that also came along with the newest iPod.
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    iPhone changes everything

    Apple’s first earbuds went through a small adjustment after 2001, where a volume controller was added. But nothing really changed until 2007 and the release of the new iPhone. Apple made a big announcement that paired with every iPhone will be a pair of earbuds, with a remote control and an added microphone. The it and sound quality are way better than the first earbuds that came with the iPod.
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    The In-Ear Headphones

    In 2008, Apple released what was marketed as a higher end version of the regular earphones; the In-ear headphones. These odd headphones are designed to cram into your ear canal via rubber plugs. You are supposed to get better sound while reducing the noise around you. “ In practice nobody buys them, and they are quickly relegated to a reduced inventory.” says the website
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    Siri Brings New Features to Apple Earbuds

    Apple introduces the new voice commands that are integrated into the earbuds along with the new click functionally.
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    Earpods Make the Scene on Top of the iPhone 5

    After a good 5-year run, Apple releases the earpods and shelves earphones. The Earpods, coming with the new designed iPhone 5, has a new shape and new hardware to better fit the human hear. While they are a little uncomfortable at first, the superior sound and shape catch on quickly.
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    Airpods are Delayed?

    The much hyped AirPods, a wireless version of Apple’s original earbuds, were delayed due to technical challenges of developing a quality product in a tiny space. Starting as wired, tangled messes that caused more than one customer slight inner ear shocks in 2001, Apple cut all cords while retaining the basic shape that defined fashion and culture in the early 2000’s.