Apple's Growth History

Timeline created by Marifer Iriarte F.Q.
  • April,1976

    The first Apple I computers are tested by the company's founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
  • January, 1977

    January, 1977
    Apple Computer Inc. is incorporated.
    The Apple II Computer becomes its first successful product with a prize of $1,298.
    Mike Markkula invests $92,000 in the company, helping boost it.
  • December, 1980

    December, 1980
    Apple launches its first IPO. It sells 4.2 million shares at $22 each. As a consequence, it generates more capital.
  • 1983

    Apple's computer project Lisa is released, but barely sells (sold only 100,000) mostly due to its almost ten thousand dollars price
    The Apple III also fails, putting the company in trouble
  • 1984

    The release of the Macintosh boosts the company forward after failures at updates.
    Steve Jobs leaves the company. John Scully takes his position as CEO.
    It was under Scully's presidency that Apple's line of products started to grow
  • 1988

    Multiple sofware purchases from different American companies. (vertical)
  • October, 1991

    October, 1991
    Release of the PowerBook series, the prerunner of the modern MacBook.
  • 1993

    Sully steps out of Apple. Despite the growth the company experienced during his presidency, it was getting stuck mostly due to the fact that other cheaper options in the field of computers started to emerge and gain popularity. Microsoft seemed to be growing more
  • 1997

    1) Under the presidency of Gil Amelio, the company suffers a loss of over $700 million. The company was 90 days away from bankrupcty. Steve Jobs took the presidency again and served as CEO until his death in 2011
    2) Launch of the online store
  • 2007

    Furchase hardware and software platform is purchased from NeXT. Later to be used for Mac OS and iOS, worth 404,000,000 (vertical model)
  • 1999

    Release of the iBook helps the company grow
  • 2001

    The first two retail stores open.
    "The two locations welcome over 7,700 people and sell a combined total of $599,000 of merchandise during their first two day weekend."
    Announcement of the iPod
  • 2002

    Safari purchase (vertical model)
  • 2003

    Launch of the iTunes Store
  • 2006

    Apple releases the MacBook
  • 2007

    Introduction of the iPhone
  • Apple Tv

    Apple Tv
    The device Apple Tv make's its first appearance on the Market
  • 2010

    Introduction of the iPad
  • Period: to

    Post Jobs Era

    Combination of the horizontal (several purchases) and vertical models. (making their own hardware)
    Notably, they bought software for Siri, Apple Maps, iBooks, Face ID, Apple Music (worth $30,000,000), and Machine Learning (worth $200,000,000)
  • 2011

    Apple becomes the "world's most valuable publicly traded company"
  • Post Jobs Era

    Post Jobs Era
    Steve Job passes away due to pancreatic cancer.
    With him, Apple's revolutionary nature starts to die. From that point on, the company settles with emulating what has already worked for them, improving their already existing products while sticking to Job's care for design and unique experiences.
  • 2012

    The Iphone 5 is launched to the market
  • Apple Watch

    Apple Watch
    The first version of the Apple watch was launched
  • Apple X

    Apple X
    Apple X was available to the market, it was the 9th version of the iPhone (not counting iPhone S or plus)
  • Apple TV+

    Apple TV+
    The new demand web television of apple is released