Art in New Spain

Timeline created by Andrey96
  • Barroque

    They started using the Barroque as a media of expression, of the religion, since this made the art look very over decorated.
  • What was it about?

    What was it about?
    They used columns, they put so many accesories on them and made them look over decorated. They consisted in a central patio, and two floors, in the upper floor were the propietaries' rooms, their mini churches, and many other multipurpose rooms.
    Meanwhile in the 1st floor the stables, the servitude and the kitchen.
  • The Criollism

    The Criollism
    It was within being all this stuff, considered as the starter of the use of the Barroque. When they started this movement, they exhalted the religiosity and used too much Barroque to represent them in their movement.
  • From the Barroque to the Neoclassic

    From the Barroque to the Neoclassic
    After all this time, the Barroque was used as the principal resource of art, until now. When the Neoclassic arrived they wanted to re-use the classic style of the ancient greece.
  • Details

    The Borbouns promoted this style, in such a way that it was implanted here in 1781 in the San Carlos Academy in 1781.