Ava Duvernay

Timeline created by nylaalexander13
  • Birth

    In Long beach, California
  • College

    Attended UCLA where she earned degrees in both English and African American studies. While she was still a student she became interested in producing broadcast journalism.
  • Inspiration

    Inspired to make her own films while on set with Jamie Foxx and Tom cruise for a thriller collateral
  • Early stages of directing

    Duvernay picked up her first camera at the age of 32.

    African American film festival releasing movement; where she distributes films made by / for black people.
  • Sundance film festival

    Sundance film festival
    Won the best director award for her second feature film, middle of nowhere.
  • Selma

    Selma was released in select theaters this day. This movie earned unanimous critical praise and was voted the years best. This movie also received a lot of controversy over its depiction of Martin Luther king and President Lyndon B Johnson.
  • Golden Globe

    Golden Globe
    Made further history by becoming the first African American woman to receive a golden globe for best director