Avram Noam Chomsky - Born December 7, 1928

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    1928 - Present

    Noam Chomsky is a nearly 92 year old American linguist and philosopher from Pennsylvania. Chomsky is also noted as one of the most cited scholars alive and is famous for his philosophical works in heaping to spark the cognitive revolution in the human species via a new development of cognitive framework for the study of language and the mind.
  • First Publication in Lingusitics

    Shortly after being promoted to associate professor at MIT, Chomsky published his first book in linguistics, titled, Syntactic Structures that radically opposed other works in the field. Perhaps a paradigm shift in the study of linguistics. Chomsky, Noam (1957), Syntactic Structures, The Hague/Paris: Mouton, ISBN 978-3-11-021832-9
  • His Argument

    Chomsky published a review of a book by B.F. Skinner, titled, Verbal Behavior, and argued against the beliefs that language is a "learned behavior". Chomsky stated that he believes all languages share a similar foundation and it is easy for children to learn a language because the human mind is "hardwired" to do so.
  • "Retirement"

    Chomsky retired from MIT in 2002, but proves a strong dedication to his work and retains a honorific version of his previous life by conducting research and giving lectures on campus.
  • A Few Works By Chomsky

    Chomsky, Noam (2008–2009). "Human nature and the origins of language" Chomsky, Noam (1959). "Reviews: Verbal behavior by B. F. Skinner". Language. 35 (1): 26–58. doi:10.2307/411334. JSTOR 411334. Chomsky, Noam. 1955.
    The logical structure of linguistic theory. Manuscript. Published in 1975 by Plenum Press, New York.
  • Chomsky Hierarchy

    Chomsky Hierarchy
    The structure of language.