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In Film
  • Bambi’s birth

    The time when the prince was being born. The whole forest came to see him and celebrate his birth.
  • Bambi learning how to walk and talk

    Him and the other young animals went for a walk in the forest. Bambi struggled at first with walking then he got it. The best thing he tried to do was jump over a log and he ended up tripping. When other animals came along like a butter fly and a bird thumper helped him learn how to say them. Thumper also taught Bambi the difference between a flower and a skunk.
  • First visit to the meadows

    Bambi has never been to the meadows before so he is really excited. His mom tells him not to rush out into the open because there could be hunters around. She has him stay at the edge of the forest until she tells him its safe then he jumps out and races around happily.
  • The great prince

    Bambi is out playing and sees the herd of the great prince. The great prince is the leader of the forest he makes sure everything in in check and everyone one in the forest and meadows are ok. Bambi goes to the herd when he sees them and then the great prince comes and as he passes Bambi he stops and looks at him.
  • His moms death

    When Bambi and his mom are out in the open during the winter and during hunting season they hear a gun shot. Bambi’s mom told him to run and not to stop. Bambi kept running and looked back quickly and his mom told him not to look back. After Bambi got to safety he realized his mom wasn’t in site. And the great prince walks up to Bambi and told him his mom did not make it.
  • He matures

    After a few years Bambi is grown into a young buck and ended up in love just like his friends.
  • Hunters invade again

    When all was good hunters invade the forest again Bambi does all he can to protect the forest. And in the end he does.
  • The new young prince

    When everything was ok again Bambi returned back to the forest. When he got back the forest animals thanked him for his help and for saving all of the forest. After that he became the new great prince of the forest and took over the job of his father so now he looks over the forest and keeps it safe.
  • The new generation

    After a while when things were really calm Bambi had two kids and they learned what he learned when he was young too.
  • The end

    Then they lived a good life and Bambi kept protecting the forest.