Banking Digital Transformation

Timeline created by tromey90
  • Digital Check Clearing

    Digital Check Clearing
    With the Check Clearing act of 2004 the ability was made for a person. To take a photo of their check for it to be processed. Without you having to go inside a branch.
  • Mobile Phone money transfer and bank-telecom payments System

    Mobile Phone money transfer and bank-telecom payments System
    Here you have the ability for money transfers to be made now in Kenya
  • Bitcoin

    As a result of the financial crisis and the increasing growth within spaces. Such as social media it meant that there need to be a new manner to handle the currency. Here you had a digital currency in bitcoin
  • Mobile Point of Sale Devices

    Mobile Point of Sale Devices
    With the increase of mobile devices being used. Came a new way to process a payment on said devices. With the mobile point on sale device. It meant the ability to create and have a way to process matters without having to be a centralized location.
  • Facial recognition Technology

    Facial recognition Technology
    With a manner to ensure that matters are secure. Banks had a way to see just who it is with a persons account.
  • Google Wallet

    Google Wallet
    Here you have the introduction of Google Wallet. Which replaces Google Pay and with it. A person has the means to send money or received money.
  • Apple Pay

    Apple Pay
    Apple Pay gives you the ability to make a purchase in either a app store.Or in a physical store. The idea with apple pay is to have a manner that allows for your payments to be secure. Where apple pay is accepted.
  • EMV Chip

    EMV Chip
    As technology has changed so has the adaptability of cyber criminals . With the introduction of this chip. Financial institutions have set up a way ensure that your card is safe as can be.
  • Monzo

    In the UK you had a mobile only bank and it's name is Monzo
  • Phone PE

    Phone PE
    India Introduces it's app that will help out with cashless payments
  • Web based Dashboards

    Web based Dashboards
    With the creating By Affirmative Technologies. You had the ability as a banker to see when things are going wrong. Based off of what an image might show.This in turn helps to spot any unwanted behavior.
  • Google Checking Accounts

    Google Checking Accounts
    With the partnership of institutions such as Citi Bank and Stanford federal Credit union. You had a way inside Google app. That allows it user the ability to have a checking account and everything would be handled by these partners listed here.
  • Peoples Bank of China

    Peoples Bank of China
    There was a new digital currency launched in China and it's block chain based digital currency Electronic Payment System (DCEP)
  • Real Time Money Transfer

    Real Time Money Transfer
    Western Union expands the ability for real time money transfer. They have now made it possible to transfer funds across the boarder.