Baseball Dodgers

Timeline created by davienkuinlan
  • Creation

    The year the Brooklyn dodgers were established as a major league baseball team
  • Period: to

    Baseball Dodgers

    Sports and sports marketing and the effects of the outside world
  • play or fight

    This was when the option for players to go to war now and come back and play later was given
  • Mickey Owen world series fumble

    Catcher Mickey Owen drops pitch that costs them the entire world series.
  • the conclusion of world war 2

    The popularity of the Brooklyn Dodgers remained relevant during the war
  • Breaking barriers

    The first African American in the major leagues, Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers
  • Moving the team to LA / Civil Rights Movement

    The effect or lack there was on the Dodgers in general with what they needed to do
  • A Whole New Blue

    The brand new advertising slogan and campaign for the Los Angeles Dodgers
  • We Love LA

    The new and improved marketing campaign
  • Covid 19

    Modern-day issues still around for major sports and the Dodgers in particular