Battle of Belgium

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  • The 1st surrende

    The 1st surrende
    Germany wanted to cross thought, but Belgium said no; Germany did not like there answer so they invaded Belgium during the First World War. Them doing this all break their treaty of London which bounded great Britain to protect Belgium.
  • British Expeditionary Force

    British Expeditionary Force
    After the invasion of the nazi , the BEF 500 aircraft. Sadly the BEF were unaware of the Germans and the Germans struck in the west ;while the BEF were heading north to the Dutch. The Dutch later surrender.
  • The battle of Belgium

    The battle of Belgium
    This would be the 2nd time Germany will invade Belgium. Germany had a strong desire to break the neutral of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  • The K-W line

    The K-W line
    The Germans came up with a plan that would break though the Maginot Line that ended near the Sedan, the French beloved that his was impenetrable. So when Germany broke thru the French and Belgium has to retreat
  • The 2nd surrender

    The 2nd surrender
    Without confirming with his Allies or his cabinet, Leopold surrendered his army to the Germans. Many people didn’t agree wit his actions