beagles voyage

Timeline created by dcongoo
  • the beginning of the voyage

  • cape verde islands

    he is exhilarated by his first observations
  • crossing the equator

  • Salvador Brazil

    he explores Brazilian rain forest for the first time.
  • punta Alta, Afghanistan

    darwin is intrigued by the giant fossils he sees
  • tierra del fuego, argentina

    caption robert fitzroy repatnats three native people he had brought to england on a previous voyage
  • falkland islands

    darwin finds the barren, windswept falkland islands desolate and wretched
  • rio negro, argentio

    darwin explores the fertile lowland areas, known as pampas, with the local people or gauchos
  • sydney australia

    Darwin congratulated his self
  • cocos islands

    he studys coral reefs growing around islands to test his theory
  • mannitus

    takes a walk along the sea coast
  • cape town, south africa

    table mountain
  • Bahia and pernambuco, south america

    discovers many incredible creatures
  • falmouth england

    his head his confused
  • Period: to

    chiloe island, chile

    darwin sees mount osomo erupt while on the island of chiloe and experiences an eartquake
  • Period: to

    galapagos islands

    darwin finds many species of plants, birds and turtoises