Biography Gandhi

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  • Birth

    2 de octubre de 1869, Porbandar, India
  • Marries

    marries kasturbai nkanji
  • study

    begins his studies of abocia in London
  • His first book comes out

    His first book comes out
    his first book is published
  • qualifying

    Receive the adjective of mahatma
  • Is arrested

    Is arrested
    Gandhi was arrested numerous times due to his resistance to the British government that ruled India. He did not stop holding protests in the streets, although the support of the people exceeded peaceful limits and fell into violence.
  • achieve independence

    achieve independence
    Through peaceful resistance, he managed to stop India from being a British colony and achieve independence in 1947
  • Is murdered

    Is murdered
    On January 30, 1948, while on his way to a prayer meeting at Birla House in Delhi, Godse managed to get close enough to him in the crowd to be able to shoot him three times at point-blank range.