William Golding

Timeline created by karmen14
  • Born

    William Golding was born in Saint Columb Minor, Cornwall, England. He was raised in a 14th century house that was located next to a graveyard. He was raised by his mother, Mildred, and his father, Alex.
  • Early Years

    William went to Marlborough Grammar School which was ran by his father, Alex. Williams first attempt at writing a novel, at the age of 12, was unsuccessful.
  • Higher Learning

    William attended Brasenose College at Oxford University after finishing primary school. Even though his father wanted him to become a scientist, he studied English literature instead
  • First Book

    A year before he graduated college, Golding published his first poetry book entitled Poems.
  • Becoming a Teacher

    Golding decided to become a teacher. He got hired to teach English and philosophy at a school in Salisbury called Bishop Wordsworth's School.
  • Royal Navy

    William Golding temporarily abandoned his position for teaching to join the Royal Navy and fight in World War 2. He spent the next 6 years on a boat where he developed a long lasting romance for sailing and the sea.
  • After Royal Navy

    After World War 2 had ended Golding continued with teaching and writing.
  • First Novel

    After 21 rejections, William Golding published Lord of the Flies. This was his first and most acclaimed novel.
  • Noble Prize Award

    Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature two decades after retiring from teaching.
  • Death

    Golding spent the last years of his life with his wife, Ann Brookefield. During these years, he continued with his writing. Golding died by having a heart attack in Perranarworthal, Cornwall.