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  • Sequence number 1

    Sequence number 1
    The German’s where attacking the Jews so Benno and Heniz where sent to Holland.
  • Sequence number 2

    Sequence number 2
    The Nazis where getting really agressive with Jews so Max and Golda sent Heniz and Benno onto the Kindertransport.
  • Sequence number 3

    Sequence number 3
    Benno and Heniz got into Holland and are in a convent.
  • sequence number 4

    sequence number 4
    Heniz and Benno got married after the war and they both got jobs when they were 14 to live off of.
  • Sequence number 5

    Sequence number 5
    Benno moved to Canada,Toronto and has duaters and grandchildren with his wife named Rita.