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  • Avatar Creater

    Avatar Creater of the future is an online avatar creater. You simply insert an image, then edit the image after that.
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    Technology Class

  • Internet Safety

    Internet Safety website that taught teens about being safe while usuing the interent. It told us about what we could and couldent put on the internet.
  • Wordle

    Wordle is a word cloud creating website. You type in words (the more times you repeat the word the bigger it gets) and then you press the go button and it creates the word cloud. You can pick different color schemes.
  • Animoto

    animotoAnimoto is a video creater, you can have pictures and music. Its quick easy and you can make a video with in 30 seconds. They have music you can use on their website. Its a fun tool to use for school projects
  • Wired Learning

    Wired Learning
    Wired learning is a website that teachs you internet safety. They have online powerpoints that educates you about safety. It is good for teachers to use.
  • Google Docs

    Google Docs Docs Is better than powerpoint because it lets you share documents out in the cloud so that you can access your work from any compouter you want
  • Glogster

    Glogster Gloigster is a website that allows you to create online posters. it has alot of different tools and is great for school projects
  • logo the turtle

    logo the turtle the turtle is an online website that teachs you how to program simple robots so that you know how to do more complicated robots are easier to understand
  • IGoogle

    IGoogle is a website that lets you have a gmail. And you ca create you own homepage and add helpful tools. And even fun games for at home when your bored
  • Web2.0 (repper)

    Web2.0 (repper) is a design creater that makes designs in a blink of an eye. It is fast, easy, and fun!
  • Robot C programming

    Robot C programming Robot C is a website that lets yiu do trial runs with online robots and teachs you to use the real programming language, which is robot c.
  • befunky

    be funky is a fun online awatar creater. Avatars are good to use so that wierd people online dont know what you actually look like