Bringing Pato to America

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  • Picking a Sport to Bring to America

    We picked Pato to be our sport that we are bringing to America
  • First Marketing Meeting with Argentina

    First marketing meeting with Argentina about bringing Pato to America and why it could benefit them
  • First Marketing Meeting with American Investors

    First marketing meeting with the American Investors explaining the sport of Pato and how it could benefit them
  • 2nd American Investors Meeting

    American Investors inform us how much money they are going to put into our plan to bring Pato to America and then give feedback
  • 2nd Argentina Meeting

    We inform the people of Argentina our plan to bring Pato to America with the feedback and money deal from the Investors. Then we allow them to vote on approval of Pato in America
  • 1st Board meeting

    We have officially hired a team to start getting our plan into motion about bring Pato to American. In the meeting we are discussing Sponsorship, profit/loss, fan profile, athlete profile, venus , safety, all marketing, resources required, and more.
  • 2nd Board Meeting

    We are discussing our one of our biggest topics of which brands we want to promote this idea to and hopefully get them to sponsor Pato, our athletes, and equipment
  • Swot for Pato and Plan to address the weaknesses and threats

    We came up with a SWOT for Pato in American to show to our investors and the brands we want to bring in as sponsors. We also talked about how we plan to address any of the weaknesses and threats that it has.
  • Meeting with the Brand Sponsors

    We are meeting with some big brand name companies in hope that they are will to sponsor us.
  • Planning Our Marketing Ideas

    Coming up with the best way to Marketing our sport to America
  • Marketing Plan Meeting 1

    We have come to the decision that we are going to hit our target audience through Instagram by making a American Pato account and broadcasting through ads on Instagram.
  • Marketing Plan Meeting 2

    We have also come to the decision that we are going to spend in putting out a magazine article in different sport magazines about bring Pato to America.
  • Planning out the Magazine article

    Our Magazine article will have a few different parts to it.
    - explaining what Pato is
    -the history of Pato
    - how we plan to start a Pato league in America
  • Creating Our Instagram Account for Pato

    -Hitting our Target Audience
    -Broadcasting the Sport
    - Showing off our Ideas
    -Reassuring PETA our horses are safe
    -Coming out with our first Pato Event
  • Talking to the Top Horse Ball Athletes

    We are going to have a meeting with some of the Top Horse Ball athletes in America and promote them our idea of Pato. Our hope is to get these athletes to join our Pato team, start their own teams, and promote the game of Pato
  • Bringing Our Marketing Plan to the Board of Investors

    Presenting our Marketing Plan of the Magazine Article and Instagram to our Board of Investors to reassure them we are on track to bring Pato to American and understand what our plan is and how we are going to reach our goals
  • Finding a Venue

    We are in search for our first venue to open up our first horse farm and Pato arena. This way we will be able to have a place for our horses to live and our first Pato team to practice
  • Magazine Article and Instagram are Open

    Today is the day our Magazine article will be found in some the top sports magazines like.
    - Sports Illustrated
    -ESPN The Magazine
    -USA Today Sports Weekly
  • Marketing Meeting

    This meeting is to go over how our magazine worked out for us
    - how many people called us for more info on Pato
    - people who want to help
    -people who want to become sponsors or help advertise
    How our Instagram page was working