Canada’s relationship with the U.S. and Britain

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  • Chanak crisis

    Canada refused to sent Canadian troops to help British forces in turkey
  • Halibut treaty

    Canada signed a treaty with the USA without Britain
  • The Balfour declaration

    It stated than Britain, Canada, and other members of the commonwealth were independent dominions and were all equal.
  • First Canadian ambassador to the U.S.

    Canada sent William Phillips to the states as an ambassador.
  • The seaway agreement

    Canada and the U.s have wanted a passage from the Great Lakes to the ocean for a long time. But when they finally did, they created an agreement called the St. Lawrence agreement.
  • Newfoundland joins Canada

    Newfoundland had a referendum on July 22, 1948 52.3 voted yes to confederation. On March 31, 1949 Newfoundland officially became a part of Canada.
  • NATO

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) was created during the Cold War in response to the Soviet Union’s invasions. The original agreement was created in 1949 and had 12 countries sign. This included France, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.
  • Constitution act

    Canada got right to it’s constitution. The queen signed away the constitution to Canada giving Canada the power to change how the government works.
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    Canada’s relationship with U.S and Britain