Career Timeline

Timeline created by niki11234
  • Career Assessment

    Taking different career assessments and interest quizzes. It's always good to know what you could be good at and see what interests you the most and if web design is a part of it, it would be really great to help you get started on the pathway.
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    Web Design Apps

    Using apps like Wix, Squarespace, Site123, etc. They help create a basic view of websites, this could also be used as a way to promote your designs.
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    Joining web design groups, using different apps and features, and promoting your designs are great ways to start. It would help get more people to see what it is you are doing, and you don't have to necessarily post the websites you create.
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    Academic Courses

    Taking CTAE classes like IDT and following the web design pathway. Staying on the advanced course and taking a AP class in 9th would help.