Carl Hempel

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  • Born

  • Carl Joins the Vienna Circle

    Carl met Rudolf Carnap, who was involved with the circle of Berlin Philosophers associated with the Vienna circle. A influential group of philosophers and scientist that help create the logical Empiricism movement.
  • Graudation

    Carl Graduates the University of Berlin with a doctoral degree for a dissertation on probability theory.
  • Carl Emigrates to Brussels

    Carl with his Jewish wife emigrate to brussels with the rise of the Nazi moment.
  • Carl Comes to America

    Carl emigrated to America where he is accepted as Rudluf Carnaps Assistant, at the university of Chicago.
  • Carls Deductive-nomological model

    Frist in 1942 than in 1948 Carl creates the Deductive-nomological model. The Model is a scientific explanation as a deductive structure: that the truth of the premises equals the truth of the conclusion, hinged on accurate prediction. The model is largely influenced by the Human Empiricist View. That which humans observe a series of observable events not immediately see cause and effect.
  • Taught along side Thomas Kuhn

    Professor at Yale and Princeton
  • Carl's Raven Paradox

    Best know for the Ravens Paradox, in his 1965 "studies in logic confirmation" Carl explains a logical problem in inductive reasoning within the scientific method. The Paradox highlights the laws of logic in the inductive state have a flaw when applied to the scientific method. The idea being if one accepts inductive Hypotheses and confirms with observation, then every observation that does refute it confirms it even if its irrelevant.
  • Carl's Ravens Paradox video

    wireless philosophy, PHILOSOPHY - Epistemology: The Paradox of the Ravens [HD], YOUTUBE, July 24 2015,
  • Made Emeritus

    Made Emeritus after Working with Thomas Kuhn.
  • University Professor

    Became University Professor till 1985
  • Death