cashless payment

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    I will conduct the research I need to create my cashless payment, this includes:
    1.Which cashless payment is most popular?
    2.Which cashless payment is least popular?
    3.What are the needs of different groups of people for cashless payment?
    4.Why will people chose to use cashless payment?
    5.What are the concerns for people who are not using cashless payment?
    6.learn how to use different types of cashless payment in the current market.
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    cite my research

    Cite all the sources used for the research using MLA 8 on EasyBib.
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    I will analyse existing cashless payment that are related to the topic of an inquiry into scientific and technical innovation. I will look out for
    the following points:
    1.What types of payment were used?
    2.What are the advantage and disadvantage of cashless payment?
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    design brief

    Develop a design brief that includes:
    1.All the materials needed
    2. The final cost of the product
    3. A description of its function
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    source evaluation

    Evaluate at least 5 sources that were used (remember to analyse at least 3 types of sources). Use the OPVL format.
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    design criteria

    Develop a design criteria for the final product using the basic criteria concepts 'ACCESS FM' that are:
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    interview question

    Develop a list of 5 basic questions to ask each teenager interviewed. Each interview will develop when
    being conducted based on the answers. The basic questions should include:
    1.What they are insecure about
    2.What caused this insecurity (which aspect of social media)
    3.How it made them feel
    4.What actions they took to feel better
    5.How it has changed how they are in the present
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    conduct the interview

    I will interview 5 teenagers from both in and out of school. Based on where the students are due to it being the summer holidays, I will either conduct them using apps like (WhatsApp, Instagram etc..). Preferably, I will choose the interviewees based on if I can interview them face to face.But due to the Covid 19 situation, it is better to choose video call. After I interview them, I will type the dialogue of them on a Google Docs, to create a transcript of them.
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    create two payment terminals for each interview (one is cashless payment, the other is non cashless payment). make sure they are feasible and labelled.
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    reflecting and explaining

    Reflect on the process of making the designs (the difficulties). Briefly explain why I chose each plan.
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    I will reflect on building my project using SWOT analysis (take the reflection from each day and compile them)
    reflect the functions and aesthetics using a variety of testing methods
    compare the product to design specs and to existing products
    suggest improvements on the product.