Cell Theory

Timeline created by 24geisereb
  • -335 BCE


    theory on how embryos generate and develop
  • Zacharias Jansen

    Zacharias Jansen
    invented the first microscope
  • Jan Baptist van Helmont

    Jan Baptist van Helmont
    discovered the process of photosynthesis
  • Robert Hooke

    Robert Hooke
    first observation of cells; named them
  • Anton van Leeuwenhoek

    Anton van Leeuwenhoek
    broke down lenses and assembles them into simple microscopes

    dealt with animal classification and evolution
  • Lorenz Oken

    Lorenz Oken
    speculated the significance of life
  • Rene Dutrochet

    Rene Dutrochet
    discovered that "the cell is the fundamental element in the structure of living bodies, forming both animals and plants through juxtaposition.
  • Robert Brown

    Robert Brown
    Discovered the nucleus of a cell
  • Matthias Schleiden

    Matthias Schleiden
    cofounded cell theory; studied botany- branch of biology that deals with plants
  • Albrecht von Roelliker

    Albrecht von Roelliker
    discovered that eggs and sperm are composed of cells and all humans are formed of cells from beginning to end
  • Theodor Schwann

    Theodor Schwann
    founded modern histology; defined cells as the basic unit of animal structure
  • Rudolf Virchow

    Rudolf Virchow
    said that all living cells come from preexisting cells
  • Louis Pasteur

    Louis Pasteur
    ended debate with swan-neck experiment; invented pasteurization