Childhood in History

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In History
  • 1,800 BCE

    Babylonian times Child Selling was legal

    Children were also given as hostages to guarantee an agreement.
  • -374 BCE

    Infanticide and Law

    Law considered the killing of an infant murder
  • 90

    Law of castatrion

    Law of castatrion
    Emperor Domitian passed a law prohibiting castration of infants for brothels
  • 442

    Abandoned children found were supposed to be announced in church

  • 787

    Foundation of the first asylum solely for abandoned infants

    Dateo of Milan founded the first asylum solely for abandoned infants
  • 1200

    Child beating law

    Beating a Child was approved unless the child was beated to death, then, law would apply
  • 1300

    Renaissance moralists begun rising against child sexual abuse

  • 1400

    Child innocence

    Child innocence
    Giovanni Dominici said children after the age of 3 should not be allowed to see nude adults
  • Ban of Child Selling

    Theodore, Arch-bishop of Catenbury ruled "A man might not sell . his son into slavery after the age of 7"
  • Toilet Training

    There was no evidence of it prior to this date
  • Intrusive Mode

    Intrusive Mode
    Children were given suppositories , enemas and oral purges in sickness and health
  • Jean-Paul Ritcher

    Jean-Paul Ritcher
    One of the earliest childhood defenders, german writer
  • Russia outlawed Child Selling

  • Helping Mode

    Full involment of parents in the child's life, looking out for their needs and developing emotional bonds
  • Helping Mode

    Helping Mode
    Full involvement of parent in child's life, looking out for the child's needs, development of emotional bonds
  • Period:
    2,000 BCE


    Common practice that involved wrapping infants in order to inmobilize their limbs. Often used to prevent the child from crawling.
  • Period:
    2,000 BCE


    From the 1800s only illegitimate children were commonly killed. Girls were more killed than boys
  • Period:

    Children Sexual Abuse

    Mostly in Ancient Greece and Rome. Boy brothels and rent-a-boy services were common. Children often were abused by servants and educators with consent of the parents
  • Period:

    Wet Nursing

    Newborns were inmediately sent to wet-nursed who would breast-feed them and nurse them until age 2-5
  • Period: to

    Punishment for Masturbation

    It included circumcision, clitoridectomy, infibulation, among others
  • Period: to

    Children locked as punishment

    As a subtitute of beating, parents would shut children up in dark closets for hours or left them locked in rooms for several days
  • Period: to

    Child beating decreased until its end

    In Europe and America
  • Period: to

    Socializing Modre

    Child breeding starts to improve and ends to be done in a abusive way
  • Period: to

    Socializing Mode

    The raising of children became less abusive