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  • 1,766 BCE

    First Dynasty in China was made.

    The Shang Dynasty was the first created dynasty in China. Although humans lived in China before this, this was the first dynasty and real government.
  • -221 BCE

    Ch'in Dynasty Rose to Power

    Although this dynasty only lasted for 15 years it implemented a new form of government - bureaucracy
  • 581

    Sui Dynasty Gained Power

    The Sui Dynasty gained power and reinstated a government after the Ch'in Dynasty was overthrown.
  • 618

    The Tang Period Started.

    Culture and Government made major strides during this period. Culture started having more paintings and poetry.
  • 1368

    Hongwu founded the Ming dynasty

    This dynasty ended up lasting for over 3 centuries. Hongwu respected the peasants and understood their needs.
  • Qianlong Becomes Monarch

    This was the start of the longest lasting chinese dynasty. He reigned until 1795 then passed away in 1799.
  • Four Treasuries Library

    The Four Treasuries Library opened and thousands of scholars were employed in gathering, selecting and editing.
  • Opium Wars

    The Opium addiction became a serious problem and China kept buying Opium from Britain. This later lead to a war between Britain and China.
  • Last Dynasty Ended

    China started as a republic. Sun Yat-sen was elected leader.
  • CCP was Founded

    This period was filled with disorder and lawlessness until 1926 when the new republic was divided by warlords.