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  • 220

    Three kingdoms period

    The three kingdoms period began in 220 AD and ended in 265 AD. the Three Kingdoms period was during the six dynastys era. The three kingdoms were Shu, Wei, and Wu.
  • 265

    Western Jin Dynasty

    It began in 265 and ended in 317. It was in the western part of china. Once the three kingdoms period ended Sima Zhao proclaimed himself king Jin. And he was the first emperor of the western Jin Dynasty
  • 420

    Song Dynasty

    Song dynasty started in 420 and ended in 497 AD. Zhao Kuangyin founded the Song dynasty. Song limited the power of the military and was more into civil government.lots of people during this period brought back Confucianism.
  • Jan 1, 1024

    worlds first paper money

    the paper money was issued during the Tang Dynasty. The paper money was written, not printed. They had 2 offical seals to avoid counterfieting. The reason for paper money was because of the great increase in the economy after the Northern Song Dynasty.
  • Jan 1, 1280

    Mongols invade China

    1280 was when China finally surrendered. the attack went on for many years before that. THis war wiped out everyone left in that dynasty, and the mongols kind of took over.
  • Jan 1, 1421

    construction of the forbidden city

    The Forbidden City is in the town of Beijing. The emperor and his family lived there. the people thought he was the "son of heaven" so he deseved a place to live where "ordinary eyes " couldn't see him. So he built a wall around 183 acres.
  • opium war

    The opium war began in 1840 and ended in 1842. it was between the united kingdom and the qing dynasty. the war wass over what they thought about, diplomatic relations, trade, and the administration of justice. UN won the war with the treaty of Nanking.
  • Chinese Communist party

    the founding and ruling political party of china. it is the worlds largest political party. its origin is in the may fourth movement. it is a single party state form of government.
  • KMT-CCP Civil War

    The CCp and KMT civil war began in 1946 and ended in 1949. The war was between the Chinese nationalist party and the Chinese communist party. The civil war never leagally ended, there was never a peace treaty or armistice. The communist said had victory over the nationists.
  • Olympics

    China held the Olmypics in 2008.Not many people were pleased that China got to hold the olympiocs becasue of their history with the way they treat their people, and everyone who was against communism in China they tricked them and locked them up until the olympics were over because they didn't want the rest of the world to see them.