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  • A God was born

    "A positive self esteem will lead you to good outcomes, but also horrifying challenges."
  • Losing Happiness

    Losing Happiness
    Summary: When Winston Churchill couldn't look up to his parents, he would look up and even stand up for this affectionate woman, who he thought was his real principal figure. Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Everest helped Churchill realize that life is hard and that you cannot escape the challenges that might occur.
  • Losing Happiness pt. 2

    Losing Happiness pt. 2
    Turning Point: The day that Elizabeth Everest died was devastating towards Churchill. He spent all of his time and energy to make this woman happy, the way she made him happy. Now that all of his hard work is gone, he would now have to depend on his parents, who didn't see that much in their own son.
  • A New Challenge

    A New Challenge
    Summary: Winston Churchill's performance in school helped his father come up with the idea to put him in an army. Soon he would be fighting in wars, dodging and protecting himself from ammunition, and collecting tons of medals for his bravery.
    Turning Point: Although fighting in bloody battles made him more braver and sociable than ever, he still had to go through occasions where explosives blew up, where brave souls were loss, and where the enemy wins (partially).
  • Succeeding From Failure

    Succeeding From Failure
    Summary: After getting hit by a car, Churchill declared that this was his third blow that impacted him. He had already been through many conflicts that caused him to be in great pain and stress.
    Turning Point: This allowed him to write out his thoughts and feelings that he is going through. He admitted that it was his own fault that he had been through all that he had been through. The memoir he made helped inspired others to deal with their everyday problems as well. He also gained money too.
  • Alerting and Saving Others

    Alerting and Saving Others
    Summary: Hitler was gaining power and was ready to attack in an area near Churchill's home. Churchill, who had already know some facts about Hitler, had given a speech to warn the public.
    Character Development: Churchill was at risk about telling the public about Nazi Germany's plans. Either the Germans come to kill him or the public would disagree and shame him. But he was able to convince the public, even his enemies and the government, to be aware and prepared to fight against Germany's act.
  • The Feeling of Misery

    The Feeling of Misery
    Summary: It was the end of World War I-II, however, Winston Churchill felt a feeling...the feeling of despair. He was taken the blame for losing the men that he had controlled during World War I.
    Turning Point: Many reasons why Churchill became a general is because of his persistence personality. People see Churchill as the person who fights for whats right. So many people, including the people in the British Parliament, saw Churchill as a acceptable leader who would help fight for victory.