CIS Timeline of Technology

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  • Apple Computer

    Apple released their first desktop in 1976- it became popular as it allowed households to have a desktop at home and in schools.
  • Motorola Pager

    Released in 1995- the pager became a status symbol of business people and a way for to alert them you were trying to reach them.
  • ITunes and IPod - 2001

    ITunes and IPods became popular methods in storing music that you could carry with you.
  • Apple IPhone

    Released in 2007- the Apple IPhone became an icon of convenience and multitasking capabilities. It was the emergence of smart phone technology with modern design.
  • Apple IPad

    Released in 2010- the Apple IPad became a cross functional piece of technology that tied into a platform of phones and music. You could now 'share' between devices and it was part of the tablet design that many e-readers evolved around.
  • Apple Watch

    Released in 2015- technology updates and operating system enhancements allowed watches to now be integrated into the technology evolution.
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