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  • 1846 Wilmot Proviso

    1846 Wilmot Proviso
    A bill that proposed to ban slavery in any territory that the Union acquired from the war with Mexico. The Northerners supported it, but the Southerners opposed it because they felt slave were property and protected by the Constitiution.
  • 1848 Free-Soil Party

    1848 Free-Soil Party
    members of the Whig Party and the Liberty Party established the free-soil party. A party that wanted to stop the expansion of slavery. It made slavery a key issue in national politics
  • The Compromise Of 1850

    The  Compromise Of 1850
    To please the North, it proposed to admit California as a free state. To please the South, it included a strong law to help slaveholders recapture runaway slave. The law would also let some territories to decide for themselves about slavery.
  • 1850 President Taylor

    1850 President Taylor
    President Taylor was president from 1849-1450. President Taylor wanted to bring peace to the Union but the South wanted slavery in some of the new territories. President Taylor refused to please the South by allowing slavery.
  • 1850 The Fugitive Slave Act

    1850 The Fugitive Slave Act
    It was a law in 1850 that helped slaveholders recapture runaway slaves. The Northerners didn’t want to support the act, but they would be fined for helping the fugitives escape. Many Southerners traveled to the North and captured free
  • 1852 Uncle Tom’s Cabinet

    1852 Uncle Tom’s Cabinet
    Was a fiction book that Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote about how the slaves were being treated at the plantations. The Southerners didn’t like the book they felt that they were being criticized. The book was popular in the North
  • 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act

    1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act
  • 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act1856 Senator Charles Sumner Speech

    1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act1856 Senator Charles Sumner Speech
    Senator Charles Sumner delivered a speech against proslavery forces in Kansas. The Senator insulted A.P Butler. Preston Brooks a relative of Butler came to a defense and attacked Sumner with a cane as Sumner sat at his desk.
  • 1856 John C. Fremont

    1856 John C. Fremont
    Republicans nominated Frémont because he wanted to admit California and Kansas as free states. In the south Frémont’s names was not on the ballot. Frémont was also a war hero.
  • 1856 James Buchanan

    1856 James Buchanan
    Buchanan wanted to keep the Union (United States) together. Some of the North supported him because they thought that if Fremont was in office the nation would split apart. Southerners supported him all the way.