Civil War Annotated TimeLine

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  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    Fort Sumter was not an official battle, but was considered the first Battle of the Civil War. Beauregard told Anderson to surrender the Union Fort and Anderson refused. Beauregard shot at the fort and the Union surrendered. It lasted until April 14th.
  • 1st Battle of Bull Run

    1st Battle of Bull Run
    McDowel and Beauregard fought in Manassas, Virginia. "Stonewall Jackson" held up the army until the North escaped. It was a southern victory.
  • Battle of Hampton Roads

    Battle of Hampton Roads
    The Battle of Hampton Roads lasted form the 8th to the 9th. The battle was a draw, but a stratagetic Union victory. Buchanan and Jones were the Generals.
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh
    The battle lasted form the 6th to the 7th of April. Grant fought Johnston in Tennessee. It was a Union Victory.
  • 2nd Battle of Bull Run

    2nd Battle of Bull Run
    Pope fought Jackson and Lee on Brawner Farm for hours. April 29th Pope assaulted Jackson's group through a rail road grade until it ended on the 30th. The Union was pushed back and it was a southern victory.
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    McClellen confronted Lee's army in Sharpsburg, Maryland. In the morning of September 17th, Hooker's group assaulted Lee's group from the left. Lee withdrew after much fighting, but the North did not finish them off. It was the bloodiest battle ever seen and niether side won.
  • Battle of Fredericksburg

    Battle of Fredericksburg
    Burnside fought his way into Jackson's defensive line for the first time, but was finally defeated. The number of casualties in the North were twice those in the South. It was a clearly a Southern victory. It lasted form the 11th to the 15th.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    Abraham Lincoln made a document banning slavery in the slave states.
  • Battle of Chancellorsville

    Battle of Chancellorsville
    Jackson fought Hooker at Chancellorsville from April 30th to May 6th 1863. Lee had taken many risks, and Jackson died, but he had a perfect battle. It was a perfect Southern victory.
  • Siege of Vicksburg

    Siege of Vicksburg
    It lasted until July 4th. Grant and Pemberton fought each other at Pennsylvania. It was a Union victory.
  • Battle of Gettsyburg

    Battle of Gettsyburg
    Lee fought George Meade for three days at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. On July 4, after Pickett's Charge failed, the South decided to flee.
  • Siege of Atlanta

    Siege of Atlanta
    It lasted from July 16th to September 2nd. Sherman and Hood fought each other at Atlanta, Georgia. It was a Union victory.
  • Ratification of the 13th Amendment

    Ratification of the 13th Amendment
    Declared that slavery was illegal.
  • Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse

    Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse
    Lee surrendered to Grant after the Union cut of the Confederacy's retreat.
  • Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

    John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln in the head at Ford's theatre in Washington, D.C.