Civil War Timeline

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  • missouri compromise

    missouri compromise
    The main broke from Massachusetts and became a free state and Missouri became a slave state. The compromise was negotiated by Henry Clay this caused people to go into territory wich led to bleeding Kansas wich led to civil war.
  • Nat Turner rebellion

    Nat Turner rebellion
    Nat Turner rebellion was in Southampton county Virginia the rebellion was led by black slaves with axes, knives, hatchets, and muskets they killed 55 whites the rebellion was suppressed and the rebellions were apprehended. This led to the Nation's confrontation with slavery by the House of Delegates witch led to causes for the civil war.
  • War with Mexico

    War with Mexico
    This was caused by the US taking Mexican land to turn it into a slave state this territory is now called Texas. This was part of The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo settled the land which was 500k square miles. This causes the US to gain slave state which people were mead because its slave territory which gave more cause to the American Civil War.
  • Wilmot Proviso Act

    Wilmot Proviso Act
    Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman David Willmut prohibited the expansion of slavery into any territory acquired from the Mexican war
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    California wanted to enter as a free state southerner did not agree they wanted slavery to be allowed in the southwest territory the North wanted to keep slaves out of the South West and wanted laws to protect runaway slaves. The compromise settled this by California being a free state and allowing people in Utah and New Mexico to vote slavery or no slavery this is called ( popular sovereignty) which led people to have more reasons to be involved in the war.
  • Fugitive Slave act

    Fugitive Slave act
    If a slave ran away from the slave owner to a free state the owner can legally come to find him and take him back to the slave state
  • Publication Of Uncle Toms Cabin

    Publication Of Uncle Toms Cabin
    This was an anti-slavery novel by American Autor female Beecher Stowe this was a book dissing laws and punishments to black people/slaves this led to people becoming more aware and disgusted with the idea of slavery which led to people to become anti-slavery.
  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    Kansas Nebraska Act
    in 1854 congress passed this act this law use popularity of sovereignty which means people can vote for slane or no slaves. This ended the act of the Missouri Compromise which made the North mad Congress let slavery spread to places that it was already abolished the North was mad so they created the Republican Party ( Free Soil Party) which caused sectionalism which made people even madder.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas
    So basically this was a 7-year war over if Kansas should be a slave or free state basically a mini civil war
  • Dred Scott decision

    Dred Scott decision
    In 1857 a slave named Dred Scott sued for freedom because he fled from a slave state to a free state and the owner found him in the free state and demanded him to come back with so he sued. But the government wouldn't let him sued because if you want to sue you need to be a citizen and slaves are not citizens.
  • Jon Brown Raid on Harper Ferry

    Jon Brown Raid on Harper Ferry
    John Brown abolitionist led a raid on Harper's ferry which was unsuccessful. He expected slaves to rebel with but they didn't so he was left alone with his few men and failed but the North saw him as a hero. This led inspiration to people to rebel and be part of the Union and Not the confederate,
  • Abraham Lincoln elected president

    Abraham Lincoln elected president
    So Abraham one the presidency and the south was mad because he was anti-slavery and the south was pro-slavery and they did not want him this created the union and confederate states because the South separated from them even tho it was illegal but the president did not do anything about them leaving,
  • South Carolian suceededs

    South Carolian suceededs
    South Carolina is the first state to succeed from the US according to law it's not possible but they still did it this made it official that there was going to be problems with them.
  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    Lincon announces plans to resupply Fort Sumter so Confederates Bombards them this was a straight 36-hour war Fort Sumter surrender this officially started the Union Vs confederates war the American Civil War
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    This was one of the key turning points during the Civil War, Fight between confederates and Union the Union won wich led lincoln to release his emancipation proclamation
  • Vicksburg War

    Vicksburg War
    This was Union decisive Union victory during the civil war this war divided confederates which gave the Union control of the Mississippi river.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    Army of Potomac was too weak to fight the confederates and General Lee led his army out of the North never to invade again another huge turning point Union won
  • Battle of Appomattox battle of court house

    Battle of Appomattox battle of court house
    In Virginia this was one of the last battles Genetal Robert e LEE FROM CONFEDERATES SURRENDERS HIS aRMY OF noRTH VIRGINIA TO GENERAL Ulysess grant.
  • Confederates States of America

    Confederates States of America
    South Carolina, Florida, Mississipi, Lousiana , Georgia, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas