Claiming My Place Jaelyn Arenzana

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  • The Piotrków Ghetto is Formed

    The Piotrków Ghetto is Formed
    In the fall of 1939, the city in which Gucia and her family are living in becomes a ghetto. Luckily, their house is within the limits, meaning they can stay. The family's butcher shop went out of business, causing financial problems, which was a negative impact on Gucia. Being stuck in the gloomy ghetto, Gucia began to lose hope.
  • Gucia's Mother Dies

    Gucia's Mother Dies
    Gucia's mother catches the contagious disease, typhus, and it becomes extremely severe. After 3 week's she passes away, leaving Gucia and the rest of her family in devastation. This negatively affected Gucia since she was so close to her mother. Because of this, she needed to continue to be brave.
  • Gucia Escapes from the Ghetto with a New Identity

    Gucia Escapes from the Ghetto with a New Identity
    Gucia Gomolinska changes her name to Daunta Barbara Tanska, nicknamed Basia, when she orders false identification papers, so that she can pass more easily as Polish. Late at night, she escapes through a crack in the wall. She goes to a family friend's home for the night, then the next morning she hopes on a train to a safer part of Poland. This is a positive, but important part of the book, because if she had decided not to escape, she might have been deported into a concentration camp.
  • Gucia Moves to Germany

    Gucia Moves to Germany
    After hopping from job to job, city to city, Basia and her friend Sabina apply to be a maid in Germany together. No one suspects they are Jews and they get the job. The two work there for a whole year. It seemed like they were going in a positive direction. The two had to be careful and cautious not to let any hints slip that they m ight be Jewish.
  • Liberation

    In May of 1945, one day as Basia was working, a group of Algerian soldiers burst into the restaurant, shouting, "Liberation!" Basia was ecstatic with joy. This positively changed her life because she no longer had to lie about her identity. After all of her years of courage and strength, she was finally free.
  • Theme Statement

    Despite challenging obstacles, perseverance and bravery always results in positive rewards.